Or go on vacation this summer? While many French people still wonder, Misterfly tells us the trends in air ticket sales and some good moves to make.

According to data from the bases of Misterfly, the second largest issuer of air tickets in France, France will be the champion of the summer 2020 with more than 26% market share (especially a very large volume on Corsica).

Another beneficiary of the health crisis, southern Europe follows with the trio Spain / Greece / Portugal.

On the Maghreb side, only Tunisia is doing well at the moment. Tunisia is again the first foreign destination sold at MisterFly in recent days.
“Sales for Tunisia are experiencing a second strong increase,” says Frédéric Pilloud, e-commerce director at MisterFly. With a 140% recovery rate in recent days, Tunisia will undoubtedly be the destination able to make its mark this summer, despite the Covid-19 episode. This is probably due to the recent lifting of the latest health restrictions. »

This destination regains its first podium step, and this year registers more bookings than at the same time in 2019.

On the losing side, Misterfly notes that sales in Italy are only restarting timidly. This destination is not a favourite for French travellers.

Morocco and Algeria are not benefiting from the recovery, probably because there is no visibility to date on the reopening of borders.

The usual long-haul podium of the summer, United States, Canada, Thailand, also does not benefit from the resumption of bookings.

Trends that weigh on ticket prices. Unsurprisingly, destinations whose borders are still closed have very competitive prices, to be seized as soon as the lines open to take advantage of the very favourable trading conditions offered by the companies.

Bargain lovers will find their happiness on the round trip (AR) in Europe, as for Croatia which welcomes European tourists again since May 11 and shows -24% on prices compared to 2019.

MisterFly sees some rate increases on destinations that benefit from substantial recovery volumes, such as Reunion or Tunisia