On the cure for Covid-19:

“We pray. We pray for freedom. This is God, we must stop doing things that make God angry.”

On vaccines:

“There are many children who are paralyzed because of vaccines. So when we are told that the cure for Covid-19 is with a vaccine, I am extremely careful.” Kanye West added: “It’s cattle tagging. They want to implant chips in us, so we can’t get through the gates of heaven. When I say “they,” I’m talking about the humans who have the Devil ingrained in them.”

On the decision to run for president:

“It all started when I was awarded the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards. I remember being at my mother-in-law’s house, because my house was under construction. I was in the shower thinking, because I write raps in the shower. Suddenly I started laughing hysterically, thinking that I was going to introduce myself, sing, talk about the ceremonies, then say I was president.” Kanye West then added: “That’s when it hit me, I want to be president of the United States.”

On foreign policy:

“I haven’t developed it yet. I am focused on protecting the United States, first and foremost, through our great army. Let’s focus first on ourselves.”

On abortion:

“I am pro-life because I apply the word of the Bible.”

On being a novice in politics:

“I must say with humility that as a man, I do not have all the pieces of the puzzle. As I speak to you, I do not know which political campaign I will opt for. Indeed, someone can say, “Hey, I have a brand new car for you, it’s across the street and you’re so excited that you run down the street and you get hit by a car trying to run to your new car.” That’s how they control the black community, through emotions. They excite us, but then, for 400 years, no change takes place.”


On the need for racial healing after George Floyd:

“Well, God has already begun to heal this wound, we must all pray and kneel. Schools and infrastructure have been designed so that we are not really all we can be, but just good enough to work for the companies that designed the school systems. Fortunately, we are going beyond that, we are going to move forward to amend the constitution.”

On Black History Month:

“Every year, Black History Month must remind us that we could not vote because of white supremacy. Our minds are so much more infinite than what we find on TikTok or Instagram, which tries to influence our children and the next generation on who we are.”

On having been affected by Covid-19:

“I was shivering, shaking in bed, taking hot showers, watching videos telling me what I had to do to get over it. I also remember someone telling me that Drake had the Covid-19 and my answer was, “Ah no! Drake can’t be sicker than me! »».

On his candidacy in 2020:

“God just gave me clarity and told me it was time. I was healthy, and then I ended up in the hospital. People used to say crazy about me, but I’m not. Also, through my career as a musician, I may have looked crazy because this was not the time to be president, unlike today.”

On Joe Biden:

“This man, Joe Biden, said that those who will not vote for him are not black. Are we going to do what we didn’t hear? Donald Trump and Joe Biden, step aside! This is God’s country, we do everything to serve God, no one but God. I am at the service of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and I put everything I have on the line to serve God.”

On development policies:

«Je ne sais pas si j’utilise le mot« politique »pour désigner la façon dont j’aborderais les choses. Ce n’est p

A policy is a design. We need to innovate in design to be able to free the mind.”

On Wakanda’s business model:

“Many Africans don’t like the film Black Panther and their portrayal in Wakanda. However, I will use the Wakanda framework because it is the best explanation of what our design group is going to feel at the White House. As in the film, we will work and innovate, together.

On prayer in schools:

“It is essential to restore God’s fear and love in all schools and organizations. In doing so, the fear and love of any other have chosen will be diminished. There have been murders in Chicago at a record high, because human beings who work for the Devil have abducted God and prayed schools.” Kanye West added that God’s oblivion has led to more drugs, more murders and more suicides.”

On taxes:

“I haven’t done enough research on this yet. I will do research with the greatest experts who serve God and we will come up with the best solution. This answer will be the same for any subject for which I have not researched.”

On China:

“When I become president, I promise that the NBA will open up again to all nationalities, and the world will see the greatest athletes play. I love China. It is not China’s fault that the Covid-19 is there. Nor is it the fault of the Chinese people. China changed my life and gave me a very broad perspective, because my mother, as an English teacher, taught it in China when I was in fifth grade.”

On the death penalty:

“Ty will not kill. I am against the death penalty.”

On police brutality:

“One of my tasks is to put an end to police brutality. The police are also people. For example, in the George Floyd case, an African-American went to prison when it was his first day in the police force. Should he have jumped in front of that person and lost your job the same day? Especially in this climate where 40,000 people have lost their jobs? This man was put in a position where (he probably didn’t realize the officer was going that far) he was probably so scared, in shock, paralyzed, like so many African-American people.”

On his other priorities:

“Remove chemicals from our cosmetic products. Indeed, there are chemicals that affect our ability to serve God.”

On his companion slogan:

“Well, my second album is called Late Registration. Likewise my slogan will be: Kanye West YES, not YEP, not YEAH, but YES, YES, YES. When I’m president, we’re going to party! ».